TWO  ancient tribes. Two precious children. One wicked foster mother who really is a witch. A desperate escape. An evil spell. Three transformations. A kind and generous warrior. A powerful medicine woman. An insightful course of action…

A timeless tale of injustice and redemption, spun together from the sentiments of a famous German folk tale, an ancient indigenous legend, and some not so ancient misguided historical events.

A medley of age-old tales in a contemporary setting, told with a few ounces of suspense, a pinch of magic, a little humour, a big word or two for good measure, and a few contentious issues, finely ground.

AN artful book for all ages that is designed to inspire conversation.

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THEY walked on, deeper yet into the woods. It was not until much later that they heard the sound of a bubbling brook off the path to their left. Brother immediately turned on his heel to run toward it, intending to throw himself headlong into the water – this is how very thirsty he was, but Sister managed to grab hold of his shirt-tail at the very last moment. Because she was more in tune with the nature of things, she could hear the warning in the bubbling of the water: “A lonesome wolf boy thou wilt be, if thou darest drink of me.” “Pray, do not drink this water,” she desperately implored her brother, “else you will turn into a wolf and rip me to pieces!”


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